Where crypto and solid art meet!

iAnnet minted her first Collectibles on the Cardano blockchain with success. It was not a lucky shot, it was months of research until the choice for a blockchain platform was made. Cardano stands for vision, identity and decentralization.

The next logical next step was obvious: starting a physical and online Cardano gallery in Amsterdam. Photographer and fashion designer CHAN became her partner in crime. Two established no nonsense artists who have the same attitude in life: work hard, play hard.

NXT level Art will represent well known artists from various disciplines on the crypto market. Although we represent creators we thrive for total independancy! We are here just for visibitily & energy.

We simply glue it all together!


Collection iAnnet


Collection Frank E Hollywood


Collection CHAN’s ART coming soon!

We are very loyal to our collab partners. Patrick Tobler, founder of NFT Maker Pro, is one of the best Cardano developers and an inspiring guy. He helped iAnnet from the start.

We want to create amazing things in future with this wonderful team.