Cardano Auction live in Twitter Spaces

Thé auction of all auctions! We will surprise you with new refined, established & witty art especially for Cardano. The event will take place march 19th on Twitter Spaces!

We are very proud of the artists, known and new to Cardano, who present their work in a total new area of market.

Have a look at our catalogue and be welcome at the auction on Twitter next saturday at 7 pm UTC.


Meet the auctioneers of the evening!

‘Host of the Cardano Stonerz Club’

Big Joe is the glue between individuals and humankind. Where Joe is, there’s JOY.

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The Hidden Order:

We are a NFT Artist Collective based in the US, Dubai, and Japan. We empower new and independent artists with Genesis House. Our first 30 NFT Holders are going to an exclusive rave in the Hidden Alps of Nagano, Japan.

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