Cardano Challenge ‘Homage to landscape’ has just kicked off! We will end 2021 and begin 2022 with a productive boost.

Be your creative self and show your talent to others

Lyrics, photography, drawing, performance, every medium is allowed. Even a mix of media.

Theme: ‘homage to landscape’. Landscape can be a city landscape capture, the calm sounds of nature or an interpretation of an imaginary space. It can be anything!

Rules & regulations:

  • create it;
  • make it an NFT on Cardano blockchain;
  • one NFT per person;
  • more media in one NFT allowed
  • submit it by tweet and tag with #cardanochallenge;
  • prepare your 30 to 60 sec pitch on Twitter Spaces. Try hard, you might even sell it! Selling is allowed during the event.

Deadline december 31st 23:59. Share and spread the word if you join the challenge.

Date of the big pitch: