Cardano auction for the homeless on Twitter was a huge success!

Freedom of creativity and collaboration on the blockchain can transform our harsh and selfish world into humankind. 

Cardano auction on Twitter was a huge success! NXT level ART wrote history by setting up the first art auction in Twitter Spaces.

“One seventy five, one eighty, two hundredddd, come on folks, show some hands!” American auctioneer Vicc whipped up the audience in space. My friend Big Joe from LA took care of the entertainment and background stories. Teamwork! At the end buyers with a bigger crypto wallet were battling and let the proceeds raise rapidly. What an absurd but wonderful experience was this Twitter Auction.

The strength of the Cardano blockchain is that it provides humankindness. Crypto artists and developers are free and independed to uplift the world to a next level of equality. Hierarchy has no essence. People are being valued for their talent. Art becomes an asset of love.

We are very proud of the artists, known and new to Cardano, who offered their work to the homeless of Amsterdam.  Bjorn van den Berg, CHAN, Ganbrood, Arie van Geest, Frank E Hollywood, iAnnet, Bas Meeuws en Steyn Skyler.

Curious what has been sold? Have a look at the catalogue.

4792 ADA go to De Regenboog Foundation.

Thanks you all!
Annet, Chantal & Wouter